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Kayak Karitane offers four different package to choose from.
Please note that we can customize any package to suit your needs.


Package 1: Freedom Hire

Package 2: Paddle The Point

Package 3: Tour Of The Day

Package 4: Matanaka Caves



  Freedom Hire  
  Freedom hire is your opportunity to explore the confines of the Karitane estuary and Waikouaiti River at your leisure. Paddle among the moored fishing boats; enjoy the feeling of kayaking and the performance of these fun craft. Just across the river acres of sand hills beg to be explored.

Or catch the tide and paddle up river - with perhaps a picnic lunch for a secluded sandy shore - taking in as you go, the amazing sight of the many wading birds that fish the rivers edge. Shoals of mullet and small fish often break the surface along with the occasional trout.

Hire can be by the hour or for as long as you want.
Suitable for all ages and levels of experience - children with supervision.

Full Day: $25 - Single Kayak
Full Day: $35 - Double Kayak

Life Jackets and Paddles are included in the price.

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  Paddle The Point  

Paddle The Point - a guided 1 to 2 hour tour around the historically significant and majestic Huriawa Peninsula.

We start in the calm waters of Karitane estuary, paddle down the channel past the white sands of Waikouaiti beach and out into the bay where we are greeted by the gentle swells of the Pacific Ocean. We then head past Butterfly bay, round "shit rock" (home to hundreds sea birds, hence the name) and pass beneath the towering sandstone cliffs called the razorback. Keep an eye out here for a seal or two basking on nearby rocks as we paddle towards the 'blowholes' and the two sandstone pinnacles at the head of Karitane beach - our landing point. The beach also affords the more adventurous the opportunity to test their kayaking skills in the surf for a while - it can be an exhilarating ride and is often a hilarious end to the tour.

This is a short yet spectacular paddle in an area rich in marine and bird life - perfect for beginners as you get a chance to get used to the kayak and sea conditions at your pace. As the distance travelled is not great, fitness is not a problem and your trained guide will be on hand to provide assistance, point out features and local history.

Per Person: $55

Life Jackets and Paddles included in the price.

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  Tour Of The Day  
  Tour of the day - is just getting out there and doing it!

Weather and sea conditions will determine where we will paddle, what's on offer, and how long we'll be out there - typically trips are usually 4-5 hours long. There will be opportunities during the trip to walk and explore the coast, take photographs, or do whatever interests you. The tours are all spectacular and with our local knowledge we always go to the best place the day can offer. These tours can be tailor-made for your fitness and experience - if there is somewhere in particular you want to go or some wild life that you want to see, we will endeavour to get you there.

Tour off the day is fully guided and lunch is provided.

Tour Of The Day: $120

Life Jackets and Paddles included in the price.

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  Matanaka Caves  
  The Matanaka tour - simply magic!

This is an outstanding tour of secluded beaches, towering cliffs and diverse wild life, not to mention the areas best kept secret - the caves that extend deep beneath Matanaka. The coastline to the caves can simply be described as breathtaking, but the caves themselves almost defy description as they are constantly changing - or rather their moods change in response to different sea, tide and light conditions. Sometimes dark, broody and intimidating - to lighter, warmer and more welcoming - whatever the mood you always leave with a sense of amazement and awe.

We set off from a quiet sandy beach, paddle past towering sandstone cliffs, over kelp forest and shallow reefs - marine and bird life abounds and we are able to get close without intruding. The caves themselves range from graceful archways to caverns reaching for 100's of meters into the headland, with sandy beaches to explore and rest on.

Most tours take between 2-3 hours, are fully guided and refreshments are provided.

Max number of people: 8

Per Person: $120

Life Jackets and Paddles included in the price.
Tours to suite you can also be arranged.

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