About us

Hi - I'm Allan Anderson and Karitane is the coastal village I have lived in most of my life. The beaches, rocky coastline and waters have always been a playground for my family and as a fisherman a source of income.

Finding the right experience for you is easy, as Kayak Karitane is a small company devoted to giving you the best experience that Karitane has to offer. The place has so many treasures to explore and Kayak Karitane is our way of sharing these experiences with you. Our knowledge and commitment to Karitane and its environment will allow you to quietly visit this aquatic wonderland and experience its treasures without impact.

Karitane is 25 mins north of Dunedin and just off Sate Highway 1. It's a small sleepy coastal village nestled alongside the Waikouaiti River. Overlooking bays and beaches - it is truly picturesque and a great place to live and visit.

Where Did You Say?

Karitane is located 25 minutes North of Dunedin City on State Highway 1.

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